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The new class of handling.

While developing the new Antos, we did everything possible to make the heavy-duty distribution work you do daily that much more enjoyable.

While developing the new Antos, we did everything possible to make the heavy-duty distribution work you do daily that much more enjoyable.

The outcome is a comfortable, practical workstation, a dynamic, responsive drive system and impressive driving characteristics.

The Antos was specifically developed for distribution applications, so that you can tackle the growing challenges of day-to-day operations faster, more easily and more comfortably than ever before. The newly developed ClassicSpace S-cab, ClassicSpace M-cab and CompactSpace M-cab, each available with an engine tunnel height of 170 mm or 320 mm, offer the ideal conditions to do so. This is because they are

systematically geared towards the specific application, allowing them to offer an excellent balance between body length, payload capacity and a comfortable, practical workstation. The standardised width of 2300 mm provides an excellent optimum overall view for the driver, while the low, stair-like entrance takes the strain out of climbing aboard. Once you’re on board, the newly developed, comfortable driver’s seat and the asymmetrically designed cockpit that is angled towards the driver instantly make you feel like the master of all you survey. Cleverly devised ergonomics, intuitive controls as well as practical stowage facilities together form a harmonious overall concept, which simply makes your job easier.

The quick-response dynamic drive system of the new Antos is convincing from the very start as well. In conjunction with the standard-specification Mercedes PowerShift 3 automatic gearshift as well as transmissions and final-drive ratios tailored to the specific types of operations, the high-torque standard-specification Euro VI engines provide a dynamic spirit you can feel and economical driving enjoyment in virtually any driving situation.

In addition, the perfect interaction of the very direct and particularly sensitive steering, the wide frame optimised for distribution transport, the new four-bellows air suspension and

the enhanced rear axle guide** provides for a uniquely safe and sound driving sensation. Just as much on a country road as in the city or when manoeuvring. Furthermore, a wide variety of safety and assistance systems such as Active Brake Assist 3* or Attention Assist*** relieve the burden on the driver in stressful situations. For noticeably better operation and handling. On each and every journey.

* 320 mm engine tunnel for low-frame vehicles scheduled to be available from 06/2014
** Only available for 4x2 models
*** Only available in conjunction with Lane Keeping Assist

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